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Hi there!

You’re here because you’re interested in what’s going on with Lucy. I decided to start a new blog, changing the scope of what I want to talk about and share with the world.

For 6 years, Creative Wish was my home on the web, along with my sister Hana and we covered a huge number of topics. To say our lives had changed since then would be an understatement; we have both moved house, got engaged and married and now I have a baby. This was always going to change the way I felt about that space and I began to feel disconnected from our content. We stopped posting and didn’t really feel motivated to go back. Step forward the last couple of months of maternity leave and my desire to get back online and sharing meaningful content. This blog was born out of the desire to build something new and fresh, with an emphasis on how my life is now and the things that I want to share.

In this space the focus will be on family and how all those other parts of life fit in with how I live now. I want to share easy recipes and travel tips, beauty ideas and home updates, all with a slant on motherhood. There will be lots of content directly related to being a mum and my experiences so far, so I really do hope you’ll follow along. I’m getting things set up right now, which will take a couple of weeks, but I hope to be posting regularly soon, so please do come back.

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