Nursery Inspiration


We haven’t been in a hurry to get Ella’s nursery ready for her to move into – she’s been in with us since birth – so we’re only now doing the finishing touches to complete it. Her crib is up, her wardrobe has all her clothes in it, there’s a small gallery wall and there is a rug down; we just need to get her curtains and blinds up and get a couple of shelves in and it’s done. I’ve loved working on her room; it’s girly and cute and just a dream to choose things for. All over rooms in the house need to be kept pretty neutral given my husband lives with us, but I could put my girly stamp all over Ella’s room and really have fun with it. I knew how I wanted it to look before we started to paint over the sky blue colour that was originally in there, so here’s a little inspiration board containing a few of the images that I’d collected with all the colours I’d wanted.

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