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Baby’s First Food: Free Printable


We decided that we were going to go down the baby-led weaning route a couple of months into this parenting thing. Given Ella’s cow’s milk allergy we figured it was probably a good idea not to rush into trying her on food until she was six months, to give her little digestive system time to mature a bit and be more prepared to take in some solids. If you’re unfamiliar with the practice of baby-led weaning, then I’d suggest taking a look here, but in its most simple form it means letting your child feed themselves as soon as weaning starts. So, rather than feed your baby purees from around 4 months old, you wait until they’re 6 months and able to pick things up and bring them to their mouths. You give them ‘finger foods’ and allow them to do it themselves, without the need for you to spoon feed them. It is thought that this method makes for less fussy eaters as they are eating just like the rest of the family from day one.

We’ve given this a try over the past few weeks, pretty much from the day that Ella turned 6 months old. She had been using her hands to move things to her mouth for a few weeks and could sit up in a highchair, so we figured it was as good a time as any. Her very first food was sweet potato and in those first days we also gave carrots and cucumber a go.

Here’s a handy list, in case you’re looking for one, of the first foods we decided to try her with. I’ve made it into an easy printable, so that you can tick these off if you do decide to go with it and can keep it to look back on in the future. This would actually be just as usable if you’re going down the purees route too, just blend the food to a puree instead of giving them to your baby in larger, finger type pieces. Enjoy.

Note: I am not advising on how to feed your child, that is entirely your decision. This print out is simply to help tick off some of the most popular first foods if you are going to give these to your baby and want to have a record of when you tried them all!

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