My Favourite Travel Destinations (so far)


We’ve been lucky enough to travel to a few different cities in a number of different countries in our 10 years together and we have found so many places that we adore and want to revisit in coming years. Travelling won’t ever be the same since we now have a little one, but we hope to be able to show our girl some new as well as some familiar destinations as she grows. We have some wonderful cities that are close by and are quite reasonable to travel to, whereas some places are more ‘once in a lifetime’ which may take more time for us to get to. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my favourite places we have visited, home and abroad and why it might be fun to revisit them with Ella when she gets a bit bigger. As I would find it too difficult to try and rank these from my favourite down, I’m going diplomatic and sharing them alphabetically.


We visited Berlin for a few days after we got married back in June 2015 – a sort of mini-moon before we went on our honeymoon 4 months later – and we thought Berlin was a good city of choice. My husband had been there before and thought we would enjoy it as a couple; I was definitely not disappointed with what we found when we got there. We did lots of walking and sightseeing over the days we were there and ate some amazing food. It was the perfect little trip to start our married life together and I would highly recommend it if anyone was considering it. I didn’t know what to expect about Germany, having never been or even looked into going, so I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to get around and how many interesting things there were to see.


We visited Dublin in March of 2016 to coincide with attending the Country 2 Country music festival in Ireland’s capital. Again, husband had visited before, but this was my first time and it did not disappoint. I loved this city and wouldn’t hesitate to go back. We stayed centrally, which we try and do when we stay in big cities, so that we could get around easily and we walked for miles to see all the things that we wanted to. We had some fantastic meals, visited the impressive Trinity College and loved the Country music festival that we saw, so it was all extremely positive. I would love to take baby girl here in the future, there is so much to see and the people are so friendly.


Another city that’s close to us and seemed to take no time at all to get to that we adored. We went in January 2017, not long after finding out that we were expecting Ella, so technically she did come with us and it was cooooold. We went to an amazing museum, ate some amazing food (this is such a staple of good trips!) and went onto a fun sightseeing bus which taught us some interesting facts about the city we were visiting. I think next time we go here I’d like to go during Summer time and we will make an effort to go to Edinburgh castle (it’s quite expensive to go inside), but I’d like to do lots of different things if we ever go to any of these places again. This was my first time in Scotland, and it’s a place I’d love to discover more of, including cities like Glasgow, so I hope we get the chance in the future.


We loved this sunny Greek island so much we’ve been there three times! We first went in 2011 when we visited an area called Lassi, closely followed the next year when we went for my sister’s wedding, whose wedding took place on the stunning Myrtos Beach. The third time was 2013 when we stayed in a town called Skala. I’ve been to a number of Greek islands, but this one is definitely my favourite. The perfect blend of busy and authentically Greek, the beaches are amazing, the people are lovely and there is the choice of whether to see the sights or enjoy the sunshine in the many hotels available. The first time we visited we travelled around the whole island, stoping off at some gorgeous tourist spots, the second visit focused around my sister’s wedding and the last was more about rest and relaxation. We will definitely be taking Ella here in the future, hopefully for some amazing family summer holidays and I look forward to making some new family memories there.


Orlando will always hold the biggest spot in my heart when it comes to holiday spots – I’m an absolute sucker for theme park destinations and nothing holds a candle to Disney and Universal. I’m lucky enough to have visited Orlando’s theme parks 3 times, the first was when I was 8, the second when I was 16 and the latest was nearly 3 years ago on my honeymoon. We are already planning our first trip with Ella as we are going to need to save for a few years to make this possible, but I’m already so excited. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she gets to meet all the characters and when she gets to go on attractions like┬áDumbo the Flying Elephant, Toy Story Mania! and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. I know she likely won’t remember a lot of the things we will do, but I know nothing will compare to that first visit and I will be there documenting every moment so that we can relive it as she grows. We have stayed off-site every time we have been before to save money, but I hope that this time we can stay at a Disney resort so that we can really immerse ourselves in the magic of it all. I can’t wait.

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