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Now that I have a babe, I don’t really get the time I used to to take part in any big beauty regime – in fact, most days, not a lick off make-up touches my face anyway. If I do want to make a bit of effort, say I’m heading out for breakfast or a coffee, then I stick with the basics that take minimal time to apply. And I don’t go for luxury either, I spend more money on nappies and baby wipes than I do on make-up or other beauty buys. I go with tried and tested brands and products when it comes to my staples, so here are the products that I currently use, in case you want to add any of these to your make-up bag – one that fits into your changing bag, obviously.

FOUNDATION – This is perfection as an everyday foundation. It has really good coverage and is ‘touch proof’ so shouldn’t transfer to your baby when you’re covering them in smooches (is this not the best thing about motherhood?). I tend to be quite fussy when it comes to foundations and often feel underwhelmed with cheaper brands – maybe money talks – but this one is actually really good and still super reasonably priced. Big thumbs up from me [link].

MASCARA – This isn’t my favourite mascara, but the¬†Rimmel London brand are always worth looking into when shopping for something for your lashes. This one is pretty good, just maybe a little more flaky than I’d like, but enhances the lashes that I have (I’m very lucky to have long lashes) and for that I’m always grateful¬†[link].

CONCEALER – A biggie when it comes to ‘tired mama face’ is being able to adequately cover up dark circles under the eyes, so concealer is a must. This was a lovely find when I was shopping around for some new, cheaper products and would certainly buy it again if I couldn’t afford to go with the more luxurious brands, which generally do a better job [link].

LIP BALM – One of my biggest pet peeves about winter is how much the weather dries out my lips and hands, so lip balm is constantly in rotation for these colder months. This was a Christmas present a couple of months back and I’d never tried it before but it’s lovely and the smell is gorgeous. It seems like it’ll last all winter, so that’s always also a bonus as I use a LOT [link].

BLUSHER – Also nasty at this time of year is the perpetual ghostly look I have without any colour in my skin (I ain’t got time to fake tan), so I have to at least add a pop of colour to my cheeks to make me look a bit more healthy. This is from Sleek Make-Up and is just lovely, as it’s got a warmth to it, which I like and has got a choice of 3 shades and textures [link].

MICELLAR WATER – My favourite way to remove make-up or freshen up my face is to use micellar water. This particular one is not the cheapest choice if you use it a couple of times a day everyday, but there are cheaper alternatives, so take a look around and find one that works best for you [link].

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