What’s in My Changing Bag?


Maybe the title of this post should be ‘What’s not in my changing bag?’ as things just tend to accumulate in there as time goes on – I really feel like Mary Poppins most of the time. But about once a week I give it a clear out and this is generally what’s left, give or take a few little bits. This bag has done me well so far, given that we’ve had it since baby girl was born. I love that it came with a foldable changing mat to take out and about, as well as an insulated bottle pocket, so it keeps hot water nice and warm for when we need to prepare formula on the go. I also like that it is something I enjoy carrying around because it looks good – I am not about ugly changing bags. So, take a little look at what’s stashed away in this stylish number, which is going 7 months strong and I hope to keep using and enjoying into baby girl’s toddler years.


Because it’s winter and everyone seems to get all the coughs and colds this time of year, I like to keep a few bits stashed in there that might help if we’re feeling a little under the weather. A thermometer, vapour rub, teething powder and antibacterial hand gel are a few of the items that make their way into the bag. This little set that comes from Tommee Tippee is also inside and includes such useful little items as nail scissors, a nasal aspirator, combs, etc. It’s in a handy little pouch, so can just be left where it is until we need something.


There are always, always, always at least three muslin cloths in our changing bag, usually of varying sizes, shapes and colours, just because you can never really have too many. They can be used for any number of things and I truly believe that they are the best invention ever when it comes to babies. Especially one that went through a phase of spitting up every feed. My favourites are the larger ones, as I used them during the Summer to swaddle baby girl when she was tiny, and can now use them for wiping, cleaning, etc.


I told you in this post that we always use a white noise track for when Ella sleeps, to calm her off to sleep as well as keep her asleep for longer and when she was just a few weeks old I found this portable little noise maker on sale during a baby event. It features three different noises, has a timer and also a little light, so can be used on the go, or as a regular feature at home in the cot. This has spent many times next to baby girl in her car seat when we’re trying to get her to settle and also when we’ve stayed over away from home to comfort her in unfamiliar surroundings.


I suppose this doesn’t need much explanation, but I always have at least 3 nappies, a pack of baby wipes, a couple of nappy bags, some nappy cream and a foldable changing mat in the bag when we go out and about. There have been a lot of occasions when we’ve been out and about and she needs changing and we’re not near any facilities, so have had to resort to using the back seat of the car #mumlife


The types of toys we have in the bag has changed, so generally we have a bunch of things which we either use to distract her or to let her chew on. If she’s fussing in her car seat, then things that light up and/or sing are perfect, but when she’s teething we also have toys which she can chew on to relieve some of her discomfort. And there’s always at least one cuddly in there for when she sleeps.


Ugh, Winter, am I right? I always seem to have a bunch of hats, gloves and blankets tucked away in our changing bag, so that I can pop them on her if it gets cold or if I know we’re going to be going from day to night. I can’t wait until it’s Spring and Summer and we don’t need these things as I never feel like she’s warm enough (she always is) but it’ll be nice when we can enjoy some warmer weather and we don’t have to be quite so bundled up.


You never know when an accident is going to happen, so I always pack some extra clothes for baby girl to change into if we need to. We’ve had a few explosive occasions when things have been soaked through, so we’ve always been grateful to have spares on hand, so that we don’t have to endure a car journey home with an unhappy, smelly baby. And that’s another thing that nappy bags come in handy for as you’ll need somewhere to put those dirty clothes.


We weren’t sure that we were ever going to be ‘dummy parents’ as I’d read that they could interfere with breastfeeding, but when bub had reflux in the early weeks, a dummy was one of the only things that seemed to help her. We’re still going with the dummies at the moment, as she likes to chew on them when she’s teething, but we are definitely going to be rid of them before she turns 1, as I don’t want her to get attached. She now has a tendency to give them a throw around, so we always need spares with us, and the MAM soothers have a box you can sterilise them in, which stays sterilised for at least 48 hours, if left unopened.

I hope at least a little of this was interesting or useful for you if you are packing your own baby changing bag or are looking for things you might be forgetting. I’d be really interested to know if there are any other extras that you pack that I haven’t included here? As Ella grows I’m sure the things we have in our bag will change, so I’ll likely do a follow up post in the coming months – is there anything you can suggest for when she’s a bit older? What can’t you do without when you’re out and about with baby?

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