My Dream Travel List


Recently I shared a post on my favourite travel destinations that we’ve been lucky enough to visit so far. I hope that we can add so many more places to our family travel list as Ella grows up and we get to show her as many places as we can. I have a ton of locations that I would just love to visit as a family, so I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you today, even if just to remind myself in the future when we’re making travel plans. Some of these are in the UK, others are overseas, but I really would count us lucky if we even get to visit a couple of these places. Let me know if you’ve been to any of these and if you’d recommend anywhere else.


We’ve been lucky enough to visit Edinburgh, so Glasgow is next on my list for Scottish cities to visit. It’s the biggest of Scotland’s cities and looks to be a vibrant place with so many things going on. I found the people up north to be super nice, and that’s so important when visiting somewhere new, especially when travelling as a family. We would probably take a trip on a tour bus to find out lots of information about the city and would likely visit ┬áthe cathedral, do some shopping and maybe visit the aquarium and the science centre as that all sounds like so much fun!


My husband and I share a love of music. Often our tastes differ, but we are both huge fans of country music and would love to visit music city to see what all the fuss is about. This would likely be a trip full of fun, with lots of eating, seeing the sights and probably enjoying some music shows too. It would be a different trip taking our daughter along than if we were visiting as just the two of us, but I’m sure we would have just as much fun and what a fun way to introduce Ella to one of our big loves.


We’ve visited Italy once, when we went to the island of Sardinia and I’ve always wanted to go back, but this time to mainland Italy. There are so many wonderful cities to choose from but my first choice would be Rome. There is so much culture and history on display, which I would love to see, and can you imagine all the amazing architecture? I haven’t even started on the food and drink that I know I would fall in love with, so this city is high on the list of places that I want to go!

San Francisco

The second city in the US that I’d love to go, I’ve heard so many good things about it. I want to visit Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf and Golden Gate Park, as well as see the Golden Gate Bridge, of course. It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for the longest time and every time I see it in a film or TV show it just renews my desire to go and I know that, as a family, we would love it.


Canada is the one place in the world that I would consider living outside of the UK (we wouldn’t ever leave the UK, but I like to think about another life where we might have done something like that) and there are a bunch of cities in Canada that I’d like to visit. Vancouver, with its mountains and water in abundance, as well as a vibrant city life, looks like it would be the perfect mix of scenic and cosmopolitan and there would be so many things to see and do. Vancouver would probably be the first place on this list that I’d like to go, I really think I would fall in love, so it’s definitely something to consider for the future, and I’m sure as a family we’d have the best time.

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