Easy Ways to Add Flowers to Your Home


Oh, Spring, how I love you. One of my favourite things to do in Spring is fill my home with flowers. It just makes the place feel so happy and bright, and reminds me that good weather times are on the way. And I am so over Winter this year, it just seems to have brought all the bugs and illnesses that I can’t stand. I thought now, at the beginning of the season, it would be nice to let you know how I go about adding flowers, super simply, to my house. I don’t spend much on flowers, we simply don’t have the luxury of being able to splurge regularly on them, but there are a few things I do that means I can have flowers in the house without feeling like I’m spending unnecessarily. Take a look.

Make my own smaller containers

I re-purposed baby formula milk tins into floral containers – all I did was remove the existing label and covered the outside in sticky-backed vinyl I had left over from other projects. I popped a glass within the tins so that the water and flowers weren’t directly in with the metal. These add a different type of style to normal vases as you can customise them to your hearts content and usually hold less flowers as they are smaller, so you can fill a couple of containers and still make them look plentiful.

Use single stems

I’ve collected a few interesting glass bottles over the last couple of years and they’re perfect to arrange together and add a few single flower stems to make a fun small arrangement that takes minimal effort. Put them in a window for an especially pretty dose of florals and pop some tea light holders around so that you can make a pretty, lit-up arrangement in the evening – just be sure to use tea-lights that are enclosed, so you don’t catch anything on fire!

Lots of different blooms

If I’m trying to make flowers go further I buy a couple of cheaper, mixed poseys rather than large, more expensive bunches. This way I can add a few different types of flowers to containers, mixing colour, texture and height for something interesting to look at, without breaking the budget. And although I have my favourites and would love to buy those flowers all year round, I always pick up what’s in season so that they are as reasonably priced as possible.

Large heads

I tend to pick up bunches of flowers that contain larger blooms so that they take up more room and you don’t need as many to make a statement. My favourites at this time of year are daffodils, as they are bright, quite large and are super reasonably priced. For the short period that they are around, my absolute favourites are peonies (standard, right?), so I do try and get a least a bunch of those every few weeks they’re around. I know it’s nice to be able to shop local, but I do tend to get my peonies from supermarkets, as they’re so much more reasonably priced and I have found that they last just as long.

Mix in with faux florals

One way to get the very best of having flowers in your home without having to spend lots of money on blooms is to mix in some faux stems. There are so many amazing options when it comes to buying fake flowers now, some of my favourites include Home Sense, TKMaxx and Ikea, so there’s no reason why you can’t fill your house with a few bunches that will last much longer than real bouquets. Plus, if you put them in places where you’re less likely to look at them up close, people are likely to be convinced that they’re the real thing.

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