Baby Memory Keeping


If you’re a mama, you’ll know how easy it is to forget things on the daily. You’re trying to enjoy your baby whilst still trying to carry on with life stuff like cleaning, cooking, washing, etc. I’m amazed by the amount of new things little one seems to do on an almost everyday basis and trying to remember to document all those important milestones so that you don’t forget them is a task. I know it’s something not everyone cares about but I’m definitely an ‘I don’t ever want to forget that today she…’ kind of mama. I’ve already got thousands of photos on my phone of baby girl so that I can remind myself of her at different stages and so often find myself scrolling back through my phone albums to see how much she’s changed already. This time goes by so fast, you guys! I’ve kept journals and scrapbooks in the past, although have been having trouble keeping up with them recently, so I knew that I wanted to try some different types of memory keeping styles to write important things down! I’ll likely spend a few days every few months updating these books, so that I can keep on top of them, so I’ll show you the methods I’m using and a few pictures.


This stunning Stories for My Child journal was something I first saw in Oliver Bona a few months ago and I thought it was beautiful. I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I left the shop, so ended up ordering it online not long after that. It’s a bit different that your normal baby memories book as it is focused on the writing and story telling and is aimed at telling your child, in the future, all about their beginnings and the first years of their life. There is no place for photos or anything like that, which is why I’m also doing a photo-based scrapbook, but it is gorgeous and still has all the most important things to write about, such as family information, favourite toys and books and how birthdays were celebrated.

I’ve filled in a bunch of the first section about babyhood and looking forward at the pages to come, I cannot wait to fill them up with all the wonderful things my girl is going to do. It is even suggested that the last section is completed when your child is a teenager, so it really can last years and years. There’s a place right at the back to put a letter in, so I hope to do that in the coming years and then give it to her to read, maybe on her 18th birthday.


I’ve long been a simple scrapbooker. When I say simple scrapbooker, I mean that I’ve used Project Life quite a lot, which is about as simple as memory keeping gets and have loved filling up a few albums with photos and memories from years gone by. I’ve got one dedicated to our wedding and am thinking about putting one together about the holidays we’ve been on and will go on in the future. I didn’t want to use the Project Life style for this scrapbook as I wanted more freedom, so I bought a blank book, some scrapbooking supplies and a HP Sprocket for printing little photos from my phone.

Honestly, I’ve only done a few pages so far, but I have a list of what I want to include in the months and years to come, so I hope that will keep me motivated. This is where I get to really use my creativity in making each page look exactly how I want it to, so I hope it’ll end up looking pretty and super personal. Memory books that you buy in shops can feel a little cold and generic, so I’m looking forward to making something that baby girl can keep forever and enjoy looking back on as she grows up.


I’ve written one letter to baby girl so far, a few weeks ago, and I hope to continue with this every now and again. This is something I hope to do every few months, when the feeling takes me and I feel like I have something to say to her. I’ll collect these up and hopefully give them to her when she’s older. I think I’ll write about things that she’s learning, what we’ve been doing and maybe some of my hopes and wishes for her future, anything that inspires me I suppose. It’ll also be fun for me to read them in the future too, to see how each stage of motherhood was for both of us and the things I learned along the way.

Photo Albums

As I said, I have already taken thousands of photos since my beautiful girl has arrived and, although I’ve put all those photos onto my computer to ensure they’re backed up, I haven’t yet had any of them printed. I always used to print photos and they were put into albums to look back on in the future and it’s something I really miss. There are so many companies now offering free prints that I think I’m going to take them up on their offers and get a few hundred printed, putting them into albums. I will love to look through them when Ella is growing up, I’m sure she’ll really enjoy seeing herself as a baby. And it’s also easier than ever to get photos printed straight from your phone, so there really is no excuse.

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