DIY: Dummy Clip


Don’t we all have the best intentions before we actually have children as to how we’re going to raise them? They’ll never sleep in the bed with us, they’ll be breastfed for the first year of life, my baby will never have a dummy, etc. All until your little one arrives and you just want to do what makes them happy and content and you figure you’ll pick your battles. So, I was in the no-dummy camp before Ella was born; I’d read that it could interfere with breastfeeding and we were having enough trouble with that as it was, so in the first month or two we were dummy free. However, baby girl was getting super bad reflux and the only way she could be soothed, presumably, as it was helping to keep some of her milk and stomach acid down, was with a dummy/soother. And we were all about making our little lady comfortable. And here we are. We are hoping to give it up in the coming months, as we really don’t want her getting too attached, but that’s another discussion and another blog post, I’m sure.

So, for now, we are in the dummy camp and I am definitely into keeping them as close to her as possible when we’re out and about, so we have less dummy-on-the-floor-and-now-we-can’t-use-it moments. I decided I wasn’t overly keen on the clips that I’d seen, that I could come up with something cute that she’d enjoy playing with. And here we are with a little dummy DIY.


  • A selection of BPA-free, food grade (and all the other safe words) silicone beads – you can get these online on Etsy
  • Nylon satin cord, 2mm width
  • Plastic dummy clip
  • Natural wood teething shape – also available on Etsy


  • Cut a length of cord long enough that it can be attached to the dummy at one end and the plastic clip at the other and still have some room for it to be attached to your baby’s clothes and they can move around a bit.
  • Tie one end of the cord to the plastic dummy clip, ensuring that it is securely fastened and can’t come undone.
  • Thread your chosen beads onto the cord – you can either thread them all on in one go and tie a knot at the end or you can tie a knot after each bead, it depends on how secure they feel to you.
  • Make sure that after the last bead is fastened you tie a couple of knots so that there is no chance of the cord coming undone and the beads coming off.
  • Thread the wooden teething shape onto the string of beads.
  • Attach a dummy. It is easier with dummies that have a loop or ring on it, rather than the button dummies, like the ones I’ve pictured. You can still tie them on, but you can also buy little adapters that you can tie cord onto and that clip onto the dummy perfectly.

Please note: the silicone beads are perfectly safe for your baby to chew on when they are securely threaded on the cord, but not if they come off, as they are a choking hazard. Do not leave your baby alone when they are playing with the dummy clip and do not continue to use if it is damaged in any way.

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