Ways to Decorate Walls in your Home


I am working hard to make a home that we love, as well as looking after baby, so the changes we’re making to our home at the moment are minimal. Tidying here, downsizing there. We’ve spent the last couple of months getting rid of things we don’t need, and trying to make our home more organised and less cluttered. We are slowly making progress in each room and hope to spend the Spring and Summer months decorating in small ways so that we can spend as little as possible, but still make an impact.

Wall decals

We have done this in our daughter’s nursery and actually plan to add the same ones to a wall in our bedroom to add some interest. Adding wall decals are a cheap and non-permanent way to add a pop of colour or pattern to an otherwise plain wall to tie together a theme or colour scheme that you have adopted. They look great on just one wall if you use larger patterns or on more than one if you use something smaller. We used gold polka dots in Ella’s room and I love how it looks paired with the grey and blush we have also used in the room.

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We did this to decorate our living room in our old house by using wallpaper on just one of the walls to make a feature. I think we’ll likely do the same in our current house when we find something we both love and have the means by which to do it. We have also picked out a vinyl wallpaper to adorn one of the walls in our kitchen as a cheap, but still pretty, alternative to tiles. The choices are endless when it comes to wallpaper, so really it is just about picking out something that suits your style and your scheme and running away with it. And it’s becoming even easier, with easy-to-hang varieties, so you can take on the task of putting it up yourself.

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Gallery wall

Again, this is something that we used in our first home to add interest to a number of different walls, so I’m excited to do it again in our current home. We already have some gorgeous prints and framed pieces lining the wall going up our stairs and also a small selection in our daughter’s room, but we also plan on getting some wedding photos and photos of our daughter to create a cherished memories wall in our bedroom. With so many amazing prints on Etsy and super cheap frames in so many different stores, it’s so easy to put together a gallery wall yourself. You can go with something super structured, measuring each frame and the gaps in between, using cohesive framing options, or you can be a bit more random with it and mix frames and spacing to create something more casual. I prefer the latter for our home, but either is the perfect way to fill empty wall space in your home.

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Shelves are another super versatile way to add interest to a wall in any room in your home. Again, there are so many reasonably priced options when it comes to shelving and can be so many different shapes and finishes that you can match them to any style. You can go long to make a large feature containing posters or prints, or you can do a mixture of smaller sizes to display smaller decor items or accessories. We had a bunch of little gifts given to Ella when she was born so shelves were the perfect way to display them on a wall in her room, especially as the space is so small. We also have various shelves around our living room serving different purposes.

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Wall art

It’s always fun to add something unique or fitting to your own personality to your home, especially on a wall where it will take pride of place. And if you are crafty or creatively-inclined then it’s a chance to show off a talent you may have. There are so many different types of wall hangings that would look great centre-stage, maybe give a Etsy a look to see if anything catches your eye or suits your style. Or there are DIY tutorials all over YouTube if you want to give something a go yourself, but don’t quite have the confidence to go it alone.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

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