Travel: London in the Winter


One tradition that my husband and I had before baby was born was to take a trip in December or January to celebrate our ‘dating anniversary’ or just to split up the long months of winter with a bit of time away. London has always been a favourite of ours, and we’ve been various times over the last decade, trying to do different things each time we go. If you can go during a sunny winter spell, then there isn’t really a better time. You get to see all the sights without getting rained on, but you can also do lots of indoor activities to get out of the cold. We stopped for many a warm drink or meal whilst we were last there in the winter time, and made this a visit to do a bunch of the famous sights. We visited Parliament Square, Westminster Abbey, St. James’ Park, Buckingham Palace and the Natural History Museum.

It’s so easy to get around London via the Underground that you can visit a bunch of different places in a relatively short space of time. We never visit for more than a couple of nights as it’s usually a flying weekend stay, but we always manage to do plenty. Sometimes we go for shopping and restaurant hopping, sometimes we do trips like this one, where we wanted to see some of the tourist spots. I’m hoping our next will be for a theatre show, as they are my favourite.

I don’t know why, but still after all this time, when I hear ‘Westminster Abbey’ I think of theĀ FriendsĀ episode when they visit London and Joey keeps stepping into his map, much to Chandler’s embarrassment. If you’ve seen the episode you’ll know what I’m talking about. Even though we live in the UK, it’s always fun to go to places that you’ve seen on TV, and I also have fun memories of watching Prince William marrying Kate Middleton back in 2011 there.

It’s always nice to see some of the green spaces in large cities, to take a break from all the buildings and concrete. And they’re some of the prettiest spots to be found. I love that they’d be totally different depending on the time of year you go – I’m sure that the bare trees and low light is just as beautiful as when the trees are full and green. A little bit of nature and quiet in the hustle and bustle of city life.

This particular visit was in January, but we have been in December too. I love seeing all the Christmas decorations and lights up and enjoying a bit of the festive season, but it can be a little hectic for my taste, as it is crazy busy. January made a nice change, as the crowds were a lot thinner and we got good prices on travel and accommodation as people don’t tend to travel much in January.

We had a great time at the Natural History Museum and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back on a future visit. You can spend hours getting lost in a place like that and I imagine would be the perfect way to entertain children. I hope that we get the opportunity to take our daughter to London with us as she grows up, I have lovely family memories of times when we went to the big city. We went on an open-top tour bus and we went to see a musical and I remember having the best time with my parents and sisters. I hope that we can take Ella on lots of city breaks, I want her to see as much of our country as possible and have fond memories of spending time with us.

I hope you enjoyed this little winter trip to the nation’s capital and it’s given you a bit of an idea as to how it looks during those cold winter months. Hopefully, we’ve left winter behind us now and we’re going into the warmer times of Spring, but we’ve had two lots of snow this March, so you never know.

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